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Australian Country Airstrip Guide iBook for iPad

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To view the Country Airstrip Guide, the Javelin PDF Reader must be installed and an authorisation code must be entered.

If you do not receive an email with your authorisation code within a few minutes, check your spam folder and junk mail. Your code will only work once. To install the guide on a second device, email a request to productsupport@flightace.com.

iPad Instructions:

Please note: you must be on line to download and enter your authorisation code.

1. Tap the the App Store icon on your iPad.

iPad Instructions 01

2. Install the Javelin Reader

iPad Instructions 02

iPad Instructions 03

iPad Instructions 04

3. Tap the Javelin Reader icon to open the reader

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4. Tap on download button at top right.

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5. Enter url for the download: http://www.flightace.com/acag.drmz and the tap on 'Download'.

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6. When prompted, tap 'Yes' to download the file.

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iPad Instructions 11

7. When prompted, tap 'Yes' to open the file.

iPad Instructions 12

8.When prompted, enter your authorisation code and tap 'OK'

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9. After your setup is complete, the Airstrip Guide is available for use off line.

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