Q1. How often is a new edition of a Country Airstrip Guide printed book released?  

A. Approximately biennially. Check here for printing schedule. 

Q2. How is data obtained and checked for the Country Airstrip Guide printed books?  

A. Prior to publishing a book, we attempt to contact every airstrip owner to verify their data and check the condition of their airstrip.

Q3. How is airstrip data and condition checked if contact cannot be made with the owner?

A. We cross check data against the latest available satellite photos. We attempt to contact a neighbour or a pilot that is know to use the airstrip. Every effort is made to ensure that the contact details for all published airstrips are correct at print time.

Q4. How are changes advised after a book has been printed?

Known changes are published on the Stop Press website.

Q5. How accurate is the data in the Country Airstrip Guide printed books?

This document contains information about unlicensed landing areas. These are not surveyed and recorded to licensed aerodrome standards, hence details given are approximate. You must check the stop press and ensure that this book is the current edition at the Stop Press website.

Every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is correct. However, even with the greatest care, inaccuracies may occur and the author cannot therefore accept responsibility for such errors or omissions but would appreciate advice should any be discovered.

Q6. What are my responsibilities when using a Country Airstrip Guide book?

A. It is the responsibility of the pilot in command to ensure that the landing area to be used is operationally acceptable and to comply with conditions set out in regulatory publications. Prior to using a landing area the pilot in command is required to contact the owner, occupier or controlling authority in order to:

(i) Obtain permission to use the landing area and determine the conditions under which it may be used,

(ii) Check the current condition of the landing area, and

(iii) Check the details supplied in this document (changes may have taken place since research was completed).

(iv) Do not use the book if it is not the current edition. Check website

(v) You must check for any Stop Press items.

(vi) We greatly appreciate This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. advice of any changes, errors or omissions that you discover.

Q7. How do I submit details of a new airstrip for inclusion?

A. Please submit here