Airstrips are included if there are major operational changes since the book was printed.

    Stop Press for the current NSW Country Airstrip Guide (18th edition - Jul 2021)

      Biniguy (Trawalla) <14/08/2022> (Reincluded with runway length reduced)

      Bullio <18/08/2022> (Owner and contact details)

      Gulgong Aero Park <10/10/2021> (Runway 09-27 now part of Wyaldra)

      Guyra (Paradise Airstrip) <17/06/2021> (Ruway realigned 18-36)

      Harriedale Station <12/07/2021> (Closed)

      Jindabyne <17/04/2022> (Fuel, mobile contacts)

      Murwillumbah (Bob Whittle Field) <13/12/2021> (CTAF)

      Netherway Station <14/08/2022> (Frequencies included)

      North Bundy Station <23/12/2021> (New inclusion)

      Oakhampton (Closure Pending) <12/07/2021> (Closure Pending)

      Talalara Station <14/08/2022> (Runway 16-34 length)

      Wakefield (Redmires) <17/06/2021> (New inclusion)

      Wyaldra <10/10/2021> (New Oct 2021, previously part of Gulgong Aero Park)

      Yantabangee Station <17/06/2021> (New inclusion)

    Stop Press for QLD Country Airstrip Guide 12th edition - Jan 2016 (13th edition out now)

      Alderley Station <01/03/2022> (Relocated)

      Alinya Station <12/12/2021> (Closed due flood damage)

      Almaden (Spring Valley) <06/02/2022> (Mareeba Shire Council deleted as operator)

      Antion Station (Homestead) <06/02/2022> (Closed)

      Antion Station (RFDS) <06/02/2022> (Closed)

      Arizona Station <12/12/2021> (One windsock only)

      Armoobilla Station <13/07/2022> (Closed)

      Babbiloora Station <03/04/2022> (Runway 09-27 decommissioned, new runway built)

      Balmacarra Station <06/02/2022> (Closed)

      Bandana Station <06/02/2022> (Closed)

      Baykool Station <27/02/2022> (Closed)

      Bierbank Station <06/02/2022> (Closed)

      Birri Resort (Mornington Is.) <13/07/2022> (Closed)

      Blackwater <06/02/2022> (New inclusion)

      Bowenville (McCaffrey Field) <24/10/2021> (Name change from Jondaryan to Bowenville)

      Burenda Station <07/02/2022> (Closed)

      Cabana (Diggers Rest) <07/02/2022> (Closed)

      Caboolture <15/07/2022> (Runway numbers changed due confusion with Caloundra)

      Caloundra <08/03/2022> (Fuel telephone number, mobile contact)

      Cameron Corner <27/06/2022> (Old airstrip closed, new airstrip NE of hotel in QLD)

      Cantaur Park Station <07/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Canungra International <22/11/2020> (Closed - runway 14-32 is now a turf farm)

      Caranna Station <07/02/2022> (Closed)

      Cheepie <08/10/2021> (New inclusion)

      Chudleigh Park Station <02/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Chum Plains Station <07/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Coo-ee Farms <07/10/2021> (Runway 04 threshold displaced 180 metres)

      Cootabynia Station <07/03/2022> (Reinstated)

      Corowa Downs <08/02/2022> (Closed)

      Currawinya National Park <08/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Dalkeith Station (Cassilis) <08/10/2021> (ICAO code letters)

      Dingadee <15/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Dulthara Station <07/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Dunrossie Station <11/02/2022> (Closed)

      Dysart <09/02/2022> (New inclusion)

      Eidsvold Station <11/10/2021> (Closed)

      Emu Park <09/02/2022> (Runway 34 threshold displaced)

      Epsilon Station <15/03/2022> (New airstrip 2021, old airstrip closed)

      Escott Station <22/11/2020> (Closed)

      Escott Station (Five Mile) <19/12/2021> (Closed)

      Etta Plains Station <14/03/2022> (Closed)

      Exmoor Station <26/03/2022> (Closed)

      Finch Hatton Emergency Airstrip <20/12/2021> (New inclusion)

      Fort Constantine <07/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Gatton Airpark <25/10/2021> (Contact details)

      Greenvale <08/04/2022> (Runway length, both thresholds displaced)

      Gympie <15/07/2022> (Brisbane Centre frequency)

      Heck Field (Jacobs Well) <25/03/2022> (Operator, CTAF frequency)

      Injune <16/12/2021> (PAL frequency)

      Janet Downs Station <07/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Jedburgh Station <07/03/2022> (Reinstated)

      Kalmeta Station (RFDS) <12/02/2022> (Closed)

      Karto Station <26/02/2022> (Closed)

      Killarney Station <03/04/2022> (Closed)

      Koolatah Station (YKLA) <12/02/2022> (Closed)

      Kooralbyn Valley <14/08/2022> (Resort reopened, No fuel, Displacement arrows)

      Lambert Station <07/02/2022> (Closed)

      Landers Creek Station <04/02/2022> (New inclusion)

      Lassie Creek Station <17/04/2022> (Closed)

      Linda Downs Station <06/02/2022> (Runway length)

      Merryburn <12/12/2021> (Closed)

      Mimong Station <14/02/2022> (Closed)

      Monto <25/03/2022> (PAL frequency)

      Moothandella Station <14/02/2022> (Closed)

      Mount Morris Station <28/02/2022> (Closed)

      Mudgeacca Station <16/02/2022> (New inclusion)

      Muttaburra <28/10/2021> (Lighting)

      Nebo <17/04/2022> (RWY numbers, RWY 19 displaced threshold)

      Noella Station <16/02/2022> (Closed)

      Ootann <16/02/2022> (Closed)

      Orchid Beach <16/02/2022> (Contact details, runway alignment)

      Pacific Haven <08/10/2021> (NBN tower)

      Palparara Station <25/02/2022> (New inclusion)

      Pascoe River Station <02/10/2021> (New inclusion)

      Pathungra Station (North) <16/02/2022> (Closed)

      Pinnarendi Station <15/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Punjuab Station <08/10/2021> (Closed)

      Raymore Station <03/11/2021> (RFDS strip included)

      Redcliffe <14/07/2022> (New inclusion)

      Regleigh Station <15/03/2022> (Runway length)

      Retreat Station (Homestead) <08/03/2022> (New Inclusion Feb 2022)

      Roxborough Downs Station <15/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Saint Lawrence <22/12/2021> (New inclusion)

      Springwood Station <20/02/2022> (Closed)

      Tarroni Station <20/02/2022> (Closed)

      Tartrus Station <07/10/2021> (Runway 02-20 closed)

      The Brae Station <20/02/2022> (Closed)

      Toogoolawah <08/10/2021> (CTAF, Avoid overflying)

      Toompine <13/07/2022> (Runways in use adjusted)

      Trevanna Station <20/02/2022> (Closed)

      Turtle Park <08/04/2022> (New inclusion)

      Vine Creek Station <04/03/2022> (Closed)

      Violet Vale Station <20/02/2022> (Closed)

      Watts Bridge <26/03/2022> (Contra circuits runway 12-30)

      Williamson <15/07/2022> (New inclusion)

      Wongalee Station <06/03/2022> (Reinstated as Emergency Use Only)

      Wyreema <25/10/2021> (New inclusion)

      Yandarlo Station <15/03/2022> (New airstrip built)

      Yattlewondi <08/10/2021> (Closed)

      Yeenunga Station <07/02/2022> (Closed)

    Stop Press for the current SA/NT Country Airstrip Guide (12th edition - Oct 2018)

      Aldinga <20/06/2022> (Owner and operator corrected)

      Beverley Mine <16/04/2022> (Name changed to Beverley Mine)

      Clare Valley <14/08/2022> (Pilot Activated Lighting)

      Clifton Hills Station <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Coffin Bay <13/09/2021> (CTAF Frequency)

      Cordillo Downs <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Crab Claw Island <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Daly Waters <05/12/2020> (Fuel)

      Edithburgh <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Emu Point <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Etadunna Station <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Hawker <26/08/2021> (Mobile contact)

      Johnson Airstrip (Kangaroo Island) <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Langhorne <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Lower Light <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Marqua Station <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Mulka Station <02/03/2021> (New inclusion)

      Penneshaw South (Kangaroo Is) <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Robe <18/12/2021> (Power lines, tower)

      Stirling North (Flinders Field) <18/12/2021> (New inclusion)

      Wedge Island <13/10/2021> (New inclusion)

    Stop Press for VIC/TAS Country Airstrip Guide 22nd edition - Jan 2020 (23rd edition out now)

      Barwon Field <19/04/2022> (New inclusion)

      Bruny Island <01/05/2022> (Right circuits runway 14.)

      Caves Airstrip <16/04/2022> (Closed)

      Cohuna <18/04/2022> (Aerodrome operator mobile contacts)

      Cranbourn <14/07/2022> (Melbourne Centre Frequency)

      Cressy <15/07/2022> (Refurbished 2020, both runways now available)

      Derrinallum (Kurweeton) <10/02/2022> (SWER power line western end)

      Euroa (Wignells) <04/02/2022> (Closed)

      Gnarwarre (North Park) <28/03/2022> (New inclusion)

      Hopetoun (Homesglen) <30/04/2022> (New inclusion)

      Leongatha <30/04/2022> (CTAF Frequency)

      Lethbridge Airpark <06/04/2022> (Sink warning, Preferred Runway 28)

      Little River/Rothwell <16/04/2022> (New inclusion)

      Longdown (Panshanger) <14/08/2022> (Right hand circuits RWY 33, Melbourne CTR Freq)

      Maryborough <30/04/2022> (RWY 06-24 length 600 M)

      Penfield <06/04/2022> (Nil fuel)

      Peterborough (Now Certified) <08/04/2022> (Removed)

      Rowsley (Brooks Landing) <16/04/2022> (New inclusion)

      Sunraysia Gliding <17/04/2022> (New inclusion)

      The Vale <14/08/2022> (New owner, phone number, website , ALA code, MEL CTR freq)

      Thorpdale <16/04/2022> (New inclusion)

      Waterfall Creek <08/04/2022> (Closed)

      Westbury (Crofton Farm) <16/04/2022> (New Inclusion Sep 2021)

    Stop Press for the current WA Country Airstrip Guide (34th edition - Jan 2021)

      Beacon <12/01/2021> (Upgraded to RFDS night standard)

      Beverley <15/07/2022> (Runway 08-26 not available, CTAF 126.85)

      Koolan Village <17/12/2021> (Elevation, ARO mobile)

      Maitraya <15/07/2022> (CTAF)

      Narrikup <13/12/2021> (CTAF)

      Northam Army Base <22/11/2020> (Closed)

      Yerilla Station <27/11/2020> (New inclusion)

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