AeroLog® Computerised Pilot Log Book

AeroLog® can import your Pilot Activity Report direct from the Virgin Portal and print it as a standard CASA log book.

Q1. How far does the Pilot Activity Report go back?
A. Approx 18 months on the intranet. Records back to June 2003 are archived.

Q2. How do I retrieve my data from the archive?
A. Submit a Help Ticket to Virgin IT. They will email you an attached .CSV file.

Q3. How do I word the Help Ticket request?
A. Request CSV file (including pilot names) of Pilot Activity Report back to start of records (June 2003).

Q4. Why should I buy AeroLog® and not some other software on the market?
A. No data entry is required - it is all imported from the Virgin portal. Standard CASA log book print out.

Q5. How much does it cost?
A. $129.95 by PayPal is preferred. Product support by email is free.

Q6. What versions of Windows® are supported?
A. All current versions

Q7. Will it run on a Mac?
A. Yes, but Windows® must be installed (via Parallels or similar - this is not difficult) on the Mac.

Q8. Does it run on the iPad, iPhone or Android?
A. No (and there are no plans to make it!).

Q9. What steps do I need to follow after installing the software?
     1. Go to Default and Filter Settings on the Setup menu and enter your company as Virgin Australia.
     2. Pay the fee and register the software (see tutorial).
     3. Do the Auto Setup (see tutorial).
     4. Set the Flight and Duty Limitations (see tutorial).
     5. Tally up your hand written log books and do the Pre Log Book entries (see tutorial).
     6. Import your data from Pilot Activity Report or CSV archive from Virgin IT (see tutorial).

Two minute tutorials:

How to register your AeroLog® software
Auto Setup
Flight and Duty Limitations setup
Pre Log Book to ensure that grand totals are correct
Importing Pilot Activity Report by export to CSV
Importing data from file provided by Virgin IT

I want to install AeroLog® now (Windows only).

IMPORTANT: after installation, the Virgin menus and the tutorials are located on the File menu. If they are not in view, complete step 1 from Q9 above and restart AeroLog®.

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