Airstrips are included if there are major operational changes since the book was printed.

    Stop Press for the current NSW Country Airstrip Guide (18th edition - Jul 2021)

      Biniguy (Trawalla) <14/08/2022> (Reincluded with runway length reduced)

      Bullio <20/08/2022> (Owner and contact details)

      Gulgong Aero Park <10/10/2021> (Runway 09-27 now part of Wyaldra)

      Harriedale Station <12/07/2021> (Closed)

      Jindabyne <17/04/2022> (Fuel, mobile contacts)

      Murwillumbah (Bob Whittle Field) <07/01/2023> (Runway numbers, CTAF)

      Netherway Station <14/08/2022> (Frequencies included)

      North Bundy Station <23/12/2021> (New inclusion)

      Oakhampton (Closure Pending) <12/07/2021> (Closure Pending)

      Talalara Station <14/08/2022> (Runway 16-34 length)

      Tumbarumba <15/07/2023> Contact phone number

      Wyaldra <10/10/2021> (New Oct 2021, previously part of Gulgong Aero Park)

    Stop Press for the current QLD Country Airstrip Guide (13th edition - Apr 2022)

      Alinya Station <12/12/2021> (Closed due flood damage)

      Almaden (Spring Valley) <06/02/2022> (Mareeba Shire Council deleted as operator)

      Aquila Estate <25/07/2023> New inclusion

      Birdsville East (RFDS Emergency) <02/11/2022> (New inclusion)

      Cameron Corner <27/06/2022> (Old airstrip closed, new airstrip NE of hotel in QLD)

    Stop Press for the current SA/NT Country Airstrip Guide (12th edition - Oct 2018)

      Aldinga <20/06/2022> (Owner and operator corrected)

      Beverley Mine <16/04/2022> (Name changed from Beverley to Beverley Mine)

      Calvert Hills Station <25/07/2023> New inclusion

      Clare Valley <14/08/2022> (Pilot Activated Lighting)

      Clifton Hills Station <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Coffin Bay <13/09/2021> (CTAF Frequency)

      Cordillo Downs <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Crab Claw Island <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Daly Waters <05/12/2020> (Fuel)

      Edithburgh <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Emu Point <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Etadunna Station <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Hawker <15/09/2022> (Mobile contact)

      Johnson Airstrip (Kangaroo Island) <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Langhorne <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Lower Light <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Marqua Station <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Mulka Station <02/03/2021> (New inclusion)

      Murray Bridge (Pallamana) <18/07/2023> (CTAF shared with YRLO, YCTO)

      Penneshaw South (Kangaroo Is) <05/12/2020> (New inclusion)

      Robe <18/12/2021> (Power lines, tower)

      Stirling North (Flinders Field) <18/12/2021> (New inclusion)

      Wedge Island <13/10/2021> (New inclusion)

    Stop Press for the current VIC/TAS Country Airstrip Guide (23rd edition - May 2022)

      Apollo Bay <09/07/2023> (Elevation)

    Stop Press for WA Country Airstrip Guide 34th edition - Jan 2021 (35th edition out now)

      Albion Downs Station <17/07/2023> (Runway 09-27 decommissioned)

      Amarinya <19/12/2022> (New inclusion)

      Annean Station <09/07/2023> (New runway, old cross strip closed)

      Argyle Downs Station <09/07/2023> (New airstrip built, old strip decommissioned)

      Ashburton Downs (Homestead) <18/12/2022> (Closed)

      ASKAP Emergency Airstrip (New inclusion)

      Augusta <06/12/2022> (CTAF 132.25, located in the Capes broadcast area)

      Beacon <12/01/2021> (Upgraded to RFDS night standard)

      Beverley <08/10/2022> (CTAF, RWY 07-25 renamed 08-26)

      Corrigin <08/10/2022> (Melbourne Centre 125.4)

      Dale River (Oralea) <08/10/2022> (Perth Centre 135.25)

      Dalgety Downs Station <20/11/2022> (Only one runway maintained)

      Diemals Station <13/07/2023> (Closed)

      Ellensbrook Vineyard <09/07/2023> (New inclusion)

      Errabiddy Station <16/07/2023> (Closed)

      Eucla (RFDS Emergency) <09/07/2023> (New Inclusion)

      Geebung (Oombulgurri) <09/07/2023> (Closed)

      Kalumburu <25/07/2023> (New inclusion)

      Kanandah Station <16/02/2023> (Runway 04-22 out of service, marked with crosses)

      Kookynie <14/12/2022> (Reopened)

      Koolan Village <09/07/2023> (Elevation, ARO mobile)

      Landor Races <07/07/2023> (New inclusion)

      Leeuwin Estate <06/12/2022> (CTAF 132.25, located in the Capes broadcast area)

      Madura (RFDS Emergency) <11/02/2023> (New inclusion)

      Maitraya <15/07/2022> (CTAF 127.85, located in the Albany broadcast area)

      Marble Bar <05/07/2023> (Certified, lengthened and widened for RPT jets.)

      Margaret River <06/12/2022> (CTAF 132.25, located in the Capes broadcast area)

      Margaret River Heartland <02/07/2023> (New inclusion)

      Mount Holland <08/02/2023> (Airstrip now certified, 08-26 sealed, 1600 metres)

      Murray Field (Mandurah) <24/10/2022> (YMUL deregistered)

      Narrikup <14/12/2022> (CTAF 127.85, located in the Albany broadcast area)

      Northam Army Base <22/11/2020> (Closed)

      Punmu <12/02/2023> (New inclusion)

      Talisker Station <18/12/2022> (Closed)

      Tamma Grains <08/10/2022> (Melbourne Centre 125.4)

      Tjukayirla Roadhouse <06/02/2023 > (New inclusion)

      Urala Station <12/02/2023> (Runway relocated)

      Varley <20/02/2023 > (Runway 03-21 is permanently closed)

      Wannan <04/07/2023> (Wannan - name changed from Wanarn)

      Windarra <09/07/2023> (New inclusion)

      Yerilla Station <27/11/2020> (New inclusion, closed)

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